Alter Djibril Zero~

6 05 2009

Yeah, my PlayAsia shipment finally arrive, after 19 days.
1st time buy stuff from PlayAsia,
and 1st time get a dented figurine box. x.x
Guess what is inside there beside Alter Djibril Zero?

2 Nintendo DS Touch Pen
and a fu*cking KOK dirt cheap Alter Amy from Bakuretsu Tenshi, which 1 buy for the lulz.

Djibril Zero, from an eroge called Makai Tenshi Jiburiiru 3.
thanks to some 1 who poison me,
she is in PlayAsia bargain bin,
and the best thing is fully sponsor by my dad (once in a blue moon)!!

The thing i like bout her is you can put her sitting beside your laptop/wallet/pillow and etc etc,
and she will looking at you with a very “moe” (not Ministry of Education) look.

Beauty and the beast?

At first, i wanted to bring her to the playground,
but got few shota playing in there,
so just bring her to the pool.


After that,
i bring her to the rooftop for the lulz.
The moment i put her on the rooftop,
I damn scare if a crow appear out of nowhere can carry my Djibril away.