Nendoroid Cantabile~

18 05 2009

Yesterday went to Sunway Pyramid and
bought the whole set Nodame Cantabile Classical Instrument Trading box
from Dream Toys.

It contain 10 instruments,
they are: 2 Guitar, 2 Keyboard, 1 Classical Piano, 1 Trumpet, 2 Horns and 2 Violoncello.
And all of them are damn suitable for nendoroids~

Now let me introduce my nendoroid band member that just form this afternoon,
guitar is MI-YA-FU-JI~


Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng~

The tsundere pianist, SHA-NA!


Next is the zetsubou and moe keyboardist,


And we have a loli, a god and a “military” for brass,
Trumpet, ARU A-JI-FU (Al Azif)!!

Beeet Beeet Beeet
Horns, MIDAREZAKI KYOU-KA and PIKUSERU MA-RI-TAN (Pixel Maritan)!!!!

Booo Booo Boooooooooooooooo~

Next is violoncello,
HA-TSU-NE MIKU and MA-RIS-SA SERAFI (Melissa Seraphy)!!!


Finally, vocal, KA-GA-MI-NE RIN!!

And they are Nendoroid Cantabile!!!!
*Claps claps claps claps*

More band/orchestra (whatever you wanna call it) pictures



14 responses

18 05 2009


18 05 2009


18 05 2009
El Fenrir

Tsumo. Rinshan kaihou.

18 05 2009

ROFL, great pics! Looks like Piano-Shana is having a good time. But sensei seems to be in despair.. again ^_^

19 05 2009

Kind of a nitpick, but the violist in me can’t let this go. Those either aren’t Violoncello, or it was someone’s idea of a practical joke to mount oversized chin rests on them. You really can’t tell what they are supposed to be from size alone, being Nendoroid-ized and all…

19 05 2009

Very nice. Shana on piano looks awesomely cute.

19 05 2009

Misao > Yeah~

lee > thanks XD

El Fenrir > LOLWUT? how to tsumo and rinshan kaihou with nendo? u play too much mahjong d~

hikky > Itoshiki nozomu forget all the notes on the stage and shout ZETSUBOUSHITA~~

kadian1364>> nope the aren’t violoncello, both of them are violin. I put violoncello for the lulz and coz i love the word violoncello XD

Matteas > yeah really love the shana~

19 05 2009

buy 2 sets ma 😛 make 2 team

19 05 2009

Wow I’m impressed. Setting up all those nendoroids… I was annoyed setting up just one of them XD

19 05 2009

i wan i wan~

21 05 2009

OHHHH! It is brilliant. Where do you have buy these small instruments?

Your photographs with the nendos amused me well. I like that of Yoko with the guitar.

22 05 2009

lightningsaber > is it still ok when setting up those nendoroids, the only thing i annoyed is blue tack-ing them ==”

CottonCandy > go buy 1 in XL…

lylibellule < u can get it from here

22 05 2009

Thank you for the link and thank you to be come on my site. 😀

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