End of May loot~

30 05 2009

This May i really spend too much already,
overspend until I need to withdraw money from the bank T__T
and the Nendoroid Louise still MISB,
i guess she will remain MISB till early October. XD
I also bought the Fuko cushion cover HS~

Last but not least,
I will be going to Wyoming with Fuko in 5 hours time,
will be staying in there till end of September,
so wont be blogging that frequent d~

Nendoroid Cantabile~

18 05 2009

Yesterday went to Sunway Pyramid and
bought the whole set Nodame Cantabile Classical Instrument Trading box
from Dream Toys.

It contain 10 instruments,
they are: 2 Guitar, 2 Keyboard, 1 Classical Piano, 1 Trumpet, 2 Horns and 2 Violoncello.
And all of them are damn suitable for nendoroids~

Now let me introduce my nendoroid band member that just form this afternoon,
guitar is MI-YA-FU-JI~


Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng~

The tsundere pianist, SHA-NA!


Next is the zetsubou and moe keyboardist,


And we have a loli, a god and a “military” for brass,
Trumpet, ARU A-JI-FU (Al Azif)!!

Beeet Beeet Beeet
Horns, MIDAREZAKI KYOU-KA and PIKUSERU MA-RI-TAN (Pixel Maritan)!!!!

Booo Booo Boooooooooooooooo~

Next is violoncello,
HA-TSU-NE MIKU and MA-RIS-SA SERAFI (Melissa Seraphy)!!!


Finally, vocal, KA-GA-MI-NE RIN!!

And they are Nendoroid Cantabile!!!!
*Claps claps claps claps*

More band/orchestra (whatever you wanna call it) pictures

Nendoroid Yasagure Rin and Charinko Rider fuwa fuwa time~

10 05 2009

Many thanks to Haruji,
who help me order Yasagure Rin and Charinko Rider from HLJ.
At first wanted to bring them to the road beside my apartment to and let them enjoy their fuwa fuwa time,
who knows today the road is fully park by car,
so end up in my apartment’s garden.

Nendoroid Yasagure Rin came with 3 different faces,
and an awesome car.
There are 2 reason i like about this car,
1st is the car damn nice to play with,
and 2nd is her car really look like the car from K-on episode 6 Light and Fluffy time PV.

Doest it look alike?

Rin enjoying her fuwa fuwa time~
And later on…..

Car accident… ==”


Next is Nendoroid Charinko Rider,
she came with 3 different faces and a bicycle.
Compare to Nendoroid Yasagure Rin,
I prefer Charinko Rider’s care free facial expression.


Rin and Rider together~

Rin doesn’t like Rider sit on her car~

Alter Djibril Zero~

6 05 2009

Yeah, my PlayAsia shipment finally arrive, after 19 days.
1st time buy stuff from PlayAsia,
and 1st time get a dented figurine box. x.x
Guess what is inside there beside Alter Djibril Zero?

2 Nintendo DS Touch Pen
and a fu*cking KOK dirt cheap Alter Amy from Bakuretsu Tenshi, which 1 buy for the lulz.

Djibril Zero, from an eroge called Makai Tenshi Jiburiiru 3.
thanks to some 1 who poison me,
she is in PlayAsia bargain bin,
and the best thing is fully sponsor by my dad (once in a blue moon)!!

The thing i like bout her is you can put her sitting beside your laptop/wallet/pillow and etc etc,
and she will looking at you with a very “moe” (not Ministry of Education) look.

Beauty and the beast?

At first, i wanted to bring her to the playground,
but got few shota playing in there,
so just bring her to the pool.


After that,
i bring her to the rooftop for the lulz.
The moment i put her on the rooftop,
I damn scare if a crow appear out of nowhere can carry my Djibril away.

Nendoroid Itoshiki Nozomu~

4 05 2009

Itoshiki Nozomu,
the main character from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei,
which make me feel damn zetsubou when I arranging my nendo box.

As usual, bought him from The Figure Mall,
guess i bought too many nendoroids from there already. ==”

“Zetsuboushita!! I thought I am made in Japan but actually I am made in China
and everyone saw my pantsu d!!”

“I cant face the world anymore!!!”



OK, i know is lame… ==”