Another nendoroids invasion

5 04 2009

6 Nendoroids invaded my wallet this week,
to be more specific,
6 Nendoroids in 2 days.

1st invasion is Nendoroid Pixel Maritan battle assault version,
bought her from Dcode,
and Haruji help me C.O.D. her,
then pass her to me on Friday.

Then Saturday,
after my university annual dinner,
i went to The Figure Mall HQ a.k.a. Taukeh/Kev/Moe™Kev/Loli Master’s house
to C.o.D. end February and March released Nendoroids.
They are Nendoroid Yoko, Nendoroid Miyuki, Nendoroid Tsukasa, Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika, and Nendoroid Pixel Mararitan Battle Preparation version.
As for Nendoroid Itoshiki Nozomu,
i have insufficient funds to C.o.D. him,
So mayber next 2 weeks or end of April only C.o.D. him.

March Nendoroid Invasion.

Just back from fuu-chan house,
and i am damn tired now,
so tomorrow only open them,
need some sleep now….



7 responses

5 04 2009


5 04 2009

ish should had raid ur car yesterday night 😀

6 04 2009

oh wow.. really so kaya.. XD
where’s itoshiki?

6 04 2009

SQ> Omedetou

Franstomer > Too bad

CottonCandy > In kev hse… no money to collect him.. T_T

7 04 2009

fuulamak, definitely nice haul!

i’m planning to rob a bank, you wanna in? :-p

7 04 2009

Enrius > LOL… rob d buy nendos? if yes, count me in.. LOL /gg

29 07 2011

hey how do u make japanese anime in ur own way like idk i just wanna know can anyone help me with that ppls

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