Nendoroid Nao

22 03 2009

Nendoroid Nao
Got my 25th nendoroid, Nendoroid Nao yesterday,
many thanks to Haruji,
who help me order it from Hobby Search.

I have been searching nendoroid Nao for quite some time,
it just so happen that Hobby Search restock Nendoroid Nao,
so buy 1st think later.

Nendoroid Nao only come with 2 faces,

1 is the normal face,

and the other 1 is wink face.

It also came with a wand and an owl~



8 responses

22 03 2009

good job in following the BFTL ways!

22 03 2009

Buy For The Lulz

but this lulz seems to turn up to ftw

23 03 2009

Now there’s no turning back 😛

24 03 2009
Kiddo Kid

Quaz> Nendo must BFTL

Ultimaweapon> I memang searching for her damn long liao

Fuuchan>> i have reach the point of no return

24 03 2009

Sweet holy crap…. 25 now?? Last time I checked it was 24 wasn’t it??? :sob:

And yes!! HLJ sale. I was so glad they put her in the sale. I’d wanted her for ages…. but when I saw her at the expo in London she got £55!!! More than I would spend back then…

26 03 2009

Cute pictures!
The owls a great addition XD

3 04 2009

Come faster overtake my 42 Nendoroid collection.

Faster :p


3 04 2009

Haruji> no money to buy more~~ T__T

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