Nendoroid Kaito

19 03 2009

Got my Nendoroid Kaito last week,
my 24th nendoroid.

Bought him from The Figure Mall a.k.a. TFM
now i have 4 vocaloid nendo,
still finding Nendoroid Wonfest Hachune Miku to complete the Vocaloid set.

Nendoroid Kaito

Hachune Kaito

I think Kaito’s smiling face is damn suitable for Miku,
Smiley Miku is damn cute~

Vocaloid Family~~



5 responses

19 03 2009

stop spamming if u dun wanna send him to me !!! XD

20 03 2009

CottonCAndy > buy from kev~~

20 03 2009

What did i told u? DONT BUY !!! see now ur 24th nendo is here, this is what happened if u dont listen to others 😛

20 03 2009

Fuu-chan> Is too late~~~, next week 25th 26th 27th 28th will arrive…

22 03 2009

Uwaaaah 24 Nendoroids?? OMG!! You need to take a pic of them ALL TOGETHER!!

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