Kotobukiya Nanako School Swimsuit Version~

8 03 2009

Bought my 2nd scaled figure last week,
1/5 Kotobukiya Nanako School Swimsuit version from To Heart 2.
Bought from Dcode Toys and Hobby.


As usual,
i don’t have any camera,
using my shitty w810i camera phone to take picture again~


There are few very unique part for this figure,
1st is the base,
unlike those normal figurine,
Kotobukiya Nanako-chan’s base is a cushion!

It comes with 2 cushions,
1 is the “pillow” and 1 is the “bed”.

The 2nd unique part is the Neko mimi, the tail and wrist band part,
they are made from those furry materials,
so when molesting touching it,
it feels like you are touching a real neko mimi.
neko mimi
neko tail

“Iyaaaaaaaa~ Hazukashi~~”

Since she is so huge,
she will be a gaint if put is beside my nendoroids,
so temporary display it on my study table,
beside my Fauna.

More pictures can be view in here.

Scroll down for the lulz~






















































































































































































































































































Tentacle rape nanako-chan!
Ok I know i am sick,
i just take it for the lulz~



7 responses

9 03 2009

lol squid. pity nanako

10 03 2009

LOL the squid XD
Shes a really cute figure!

10 03 2009

Haha nice one! Hope to see ya in uni XD May be you are as cute as Nanako O.O

10 03 2009


10 03 2009

Quaz> nah. she is enjoying it~~

Taketombo > yeah… but she is damn huge~

Happymoomoo > ==” impossible!! i m not cute at all ==”

valho > That night in ur hse loon reap ika, then ika on high go raep nanako~

11 03 2009

i pity my ika…..

11 03 2009

loonsave > ika is mine~~ MINE!! MINE!!!!!!! and it is enjoying it too~ look at ika’s face~ =3

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