UCSI Bunkasai (文化祭) 09~

6 03 2009

Yesterday our UNiM AMS president received an invitation letter from the Student Association,
the letter an invitation from UCSI AniMaC, they invited us to their Bunkasai 09 to set up a booth.
The thing is
UCSI AniMac send us the letter on mid January, but we received it on 4th of March,
and need to RSVP before 28th February.
Banzai to our Pos Malaysia~

The committee think that it is damn rude that we didn’t reply their mail,
so the VP and I decided to go USCI Bunkasai 09 with 3 club member,
and send our apology to the AniMaC~

UCSI North wing ent
UCSI North Wing Entrance
Bunkasai Front Desk
Bunkasai Front Desk

We reach USCI around 7pm,
straight to the front desk,
and explain to one of AniMaC member bout the mail thing.

booth and stalls
Booth and Stalls
the Booth and stalls area

After that we went to the booth and stalls area to hunt some food,
since this is a bunkasai a.k.a Japanesse culture festival,
so we expected some japanese food like takoyaki, yakisoba and taiyaki,
but surprisingly instead of those Japanese food,
the food the sell is ramli burger and nuggets, kinda disappointed.
The only thing that has the bunkasai feel is the stall/booth design.

Event Hall
The Main Hall

Basically the whole event was kinda bored,
due to very few cosplayers.
The number of cosplayers is around 15 or less~

Random Cosplayers~
Random Cosplayer

As for the performance,
we only managed to see the opening dance and the pianist performance.
The pianist performance was not bad,
she played one of OST from Spirited Away, Musician from D.Grey Man, and the last song i forgotten what is it.
Opening Dance
The Opening Dance by UCSI Dance Club
Pianist performance
Pianist performance

Although the whole event is kinda bored,
but this is their 1st time to held such a big event.
I am very sure that their committee had put all their effort in it.
Hope the next event they will learn from this year’s mistake
and made their next event better.



8 responses

7 03 2009

yea…the event is kinda bored….
but i enjoyed my time with the cosplayers…=D
I hope there are more different food and games in their next event….^^

7 03 2009

OMG lucky i didnt go xD, but seriously abarai with violin? ._. kinda weird

8 03 2009

ILuvHideX > yeah… is totally bored…. hope they will improve if the organize event again… btw… u also a fan of X japan?

Franstormer > u r so lucky!!!

9 03 2009

lonelykid1987> yeaaa…i am a big fan of X-Japan…=D u know it from my name?? ^^ how about you??

9 03 2009

IluvHideX > yeah, X japan’s song is my all time favourite. Last year yoshiki announce that they will have concert in Bangkok i was damn happy, but too bad the concert got delay… T_T

10 03 2009

woo….soooo happy, meet another X’s fans…xD
u bought the ticket of the concert in Bangkok?
btw, which X-Japan’s song is your favourite??

11 03 2009

ILuvHideX > Havent buy it yet, wanted to go, but the tics havent release yet rite? Love most of their ballad song like endless rain, say anything, forever love, crucify my love, longing and tears. As for their rock songs i prefer weekend, rusty nail, silence jealousy and kurenai. Although I.V. is nice but without Hide, is like missing something~

15 03 2009

lonelykid1987> haha, same like me….I like their ballad songs the most! yea….i have the same opinion like you….=) my favourtite member in X-Japan is Hideto…you?

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