14 02 2009

Being a single and otaku,
this year Velentine’s Day gonna spend with my 1st scale,
Max Factory’s Fauna from Megamisama Chuuihou! a.k.a. Megachu!
(my 1st scale is from an eroge series and cast off-able~)
After 3 week swimming in South China Sea,
my Fauna manage to swim back in time and celebrate Velentine’s Day with me~
This morning date with her in my apartment garden,
i know is very sad to date with a PVC in Velentine,
but i dont care~

Flora and Fauna?!

Fauna with rose

Happy Velentine’s day~

More picture can be view in here



3 responses

27 02 2009

Aaaah ive been trying to get a Fauna for a while now, i just havent got round to it >_<
Great pictures, it makes me want one even more XD

27 02 2009

Taketombo>> Get it from HLJ….
60% discount~~

8 03 2009
Kotobukiya Nanako School Swimsuit Version~ « KiddoKid no Sekai~ キッドキドの世界~

[…] Since she is so huge, she will be a gaint if put is beside my nendoroids, so temporary display it on my study table, beside my Fauna. […]

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