OMG OMG Another Exclusive Nendoroid Miku??!!

1 02 2009

When i browsing Sankaku Complex this morning,
 and i found THIS —->

Orange Miku
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku & Charinko GoodSmile ver??!!

According to Sankaku Complex,
this Nendoroid Hatsune Miku is one of the prize for “Photocon”,
some photography event.

Miku tachi 

Since this will be another exclusive Nendoroid Miku,
and it is special made by the GSC staff,
the price sure will cost a bomb. 

Orange Miku really looks weird to me,
i still prefer the normal Nendoroid Miku,
since the only different between both of them is the colour.


As for the bicycle,
i dont think it come with the Orange Miku,
since its packing is the same packing as the normal Miku.
But I want the bicycle more than the Orange Miku!!!



5 responses

1 02 2009

limited 10 in the world, u think ppl gonna sell it?

2 02 2009

Aiko>> call uncle help~~

10 08 2010

Man, Sankaku Complex is dirty for me (still under 18 years old).

29 07 2011

i luv miku i have scrapbook filled with pictures of miku

15 12 2012
francis deli

ayyy!!!!! que lindos, yo los quiero todos!!!! 😀 ^^

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