25 01 2009

Finally my final exam(the spoiler) is over,
CNY mode is officially ON!!
As usual, 2 days before CNY me and my family will go back to Penang,
and have reunion dinner with my mother side relative.
Now i am enjoying my starbucks in Gurney Penang,
thanks to starbucks, I finally can online!!
Chocolate Frappuccino<3

Yesterday it took me 5 hours of drive for me to reach Penang from KL,
bloody hell, pay toll to stuck in the jam for 2 hours,
ruin my CNY mode.

The 1st thing i did when i reach penang is help Haruji to hunt Nendoroid Kemeko.
Went to Penang 1-Stop, and took me quite some time to find that Toon Shoppe,
the shop is so damn hidden. ==”
Haul from Toon Shoppe,
although is not mine~

After that we went to my aunt’s house in Gelugor -> place with tons of good foods~~
Every time come to my aunt’s house sure have plenty of food to eat,
happy~ ❤

And here is the only place i play console game,
in here i can enjoy a very nice gaming environment,
surround sound system, projector, ps2, ps3, wii and xbox360~

After my reunion dinner,
we went back to my uncle house,
at first i planed to online in Starbucks last night,
but then i manage to connect on some random wifi network,
then hang out in TFM for awhile before i roll to my bed~~

Last but not least,
happy CNY to everyone~
wish every1
year year got fish,
dragon horse sperm god~
Happy Ox year
Happy Ox Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai~~



5 responses

25 01 2009


25 01 2009

Aiko >> 龙马精神

28 01 2009

new bloggie ehhhhh……….^^
y must u translate every ‘jing’ into sperm leh??????

28 01 2009

BBwhale >> Coz Jing is sperm in chinese?

21 02 2009


you don’t have to go to toonshoppe 1-stop,
there’s another shop in 1-stop that’s selling way lot cheaper than the old uncle there,

furthermore that uncle at toonshoppe is damn dispolite,
maybe at first he may seem polite but later on if you don’t buy anything he has “that” face.

i went with my girlfren over to that shop to find some stuff,
as i’m a manga fan and wanted a Naruto model,

my girlfren was poking around and was interested in some pen like figure,
she took it up and ask the uncle what it was, when he answered my gf wasn’t interested so she put it back,

that uncle said “if you don’t understand please don’t touch next time~” with that “dog eye look people down” look.
WTF i and my gf storm out that shop,

luckily we found a shop just 1 floor below us,
which was selling cheaper but the shop was smaller of course~!!!

Don’t go “Toonshoppe” Penang 1-stop~!!!

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